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Decorating and Home Organizing Services

If you are lucky enough to live in Kitsap County or within Seattle city limits, I’m happy to help you get organized and pretty-up your own home.  There are lots of things I can do for you, for an affordable hourly rate, with a free initial in-home consultation.

Decorating Services

Whether you just need to refresh a single room, or want to completely redecorate a space, I can help you choose finishes and furnishings, and rearrange your space so it reflects your personality and fits your lifestyle.

Organizing Services

Most of the time, space is not the issue, stuff is! I can bring order to just about any cluttered space in your home. I can help you re-imagine and reorganize those spaces in your home that cause you stress, so that they function more efficiently for you and yours.


Fill out the contact form to get in touch with me if you’d like my help getting organized or injecting personal style into your space!


Betsy Kornelis, Owner, Paisley & Pine.

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