Fun Times with Photos

squares close
Square prints on my door, from Parabo Press.

At this moment, I have 4,972 photos and videos on my phone. It’s just insanity. Most of them are duplicates, and of course, most of them will never be printed. In fact, unless you have kids and you order school pictures every year, many of us are not likely to print as many photos as we were obligated to in the old days, when we took a roll of film to the drug store to be processed.

In my article for the Kitsap Sun this month, I touch on the idea that the current pre-occupation with the informal and spontaneous nature of cell phone photography has influenced the way we display our photos. We are less likely to hang the formal gallery wall of posed family photos, as our parents and grandparents did or still do, and more apt to create loose informal displays, using alternative means of printing them.

It’s so fun to get inventive with all of the options out there- from oversize and newsprint, to repositionable canvas tiles and automated book printing, the choices are endless.

frames 1
Frames painted black bring cohesion to a random collection of photos. These are so easy to change out periodically.
boxes 1
I keep an assortment of printed and old photos in vintage jewelry boxes so we can shuffle through from time to time.
squares 2
My door of square prints from Parabo Press.

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