Simple Advent Wreath

As a kid, every Christmas, my parents lit the candles on the Advent wreath each Sunday in December. I always thought it was so special and it left a lasting impression on me as an important part of our many Christmas rituals. Last year, I waited until the last minute to try and find a pre-made Advent wreath. As it turns out, they are almost impossible to find. This year, I thought ahead just a bit, and made one myself and the only thing I needed to purchase were the candles.

1. THE MATERIALS: I collected the following materials: four mismatched brass candlesticks (found at a second had store long ago), a glass pillar candle holder, a brass tray that I got at the Bainbridge Rotary Auction this summer, greens from the yard, a white pillar candle, crafting supplies for the tags, and purchased four white taper candles.


2. THE ASSEMBLY: So easy! The four brass candlesticks surround the glass pillar candle holder. Pop the candles in and arrange the greens artfully around the candle holders. I chose to make tags, naming the themes, using leftover card stock from the Advent Calendar project, but you could just as easily skip the tags. I went with the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love, but there are lots of interpretations to personalize the way you want to celebrate Advent.

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3. THE RITUAL: We are choosing to light the candle of the week each night, and read a corresponding Bible passage, but this can also be done just once a week on a Sunday. I found this website to be very helpful in leading me in the right direction.

Taking part in this tradition is helping me to focus on the real reason for the season, reminding me to be grateful, count my blessings and that Christmas is truly a miraculous time of year! I hope this makes a similar, strong impression on my son, as it did on me so many years ago.

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