The Freedom of Purging

Clutter begets clutter. That truth couldn’t be more evident than in my basement right now. I’ve worked hard in the past to keep the clutter contained- in storage containers and doing the occasional sorting and donating. But alas, my system has broken down. Now bins are too full to add things to, shelves are bulging and disorganized and new things that need to be stored, are convalescing in piles on the once clear floor space, awaiting a permanent home. In short, my basement is currently a disaster.

As we have been working on re-purposing the office upstairs into our bedroom, more and more homeless items are brought downstairs, with no designated destination. Our basement has plenty of room to accommodate all of our stuff, it just needs a major re-org and a good purge. I’ve been know to utter the words “We could get rid of 60% of our stuff and not even miss it.”

The time has come at last to make good on that notion. With the holidays fast approaching and a baby on the way, we are only going to be amassing more possessions. I’m so ready to clear the decks and say good bye to the things we rarely use, and simply make room. It would be amazing to see an empty bin or a clear spot on a shelf somewhere down there.

The basement serves many purposes other than storage for us. The one “finished” room is my husband’s office and our guest quarters, our laundry is down there, and I use the garage portion as my studio/ workshop and a place for Thomas to do messy art projects. This space is also where we store our lawn mower and yard tools.

It’s already pretty much divided into zones, but I find that sketching out a floor plan, then assessing and attacking things by their zone is the easiest way to get the job done. We’ll be tackling this monumental project over the next couple of weekends. As embarrassing as it is to share these photos, here is a taste of the “before” in my basement. Sad face.

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So, now you can imagine, that even a person who regards herself as organized has organization issues! I can’t even tell you how much I am looking forward to a tidy “after” situation in my basement. A good purge of belongings always feels good. Progress report to come!

One Comment

  1. Your before pictures actually make me feel better about my before pix. Although mine have been amassing for more than 30 years! I have you beat (or my husband does).

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