Nursery Floor Plan

This small room has its big challenges. It measures about 10ft x 11ft , and each of its four walls is interrupted with a window, a door (sometimes two), or a closet. We somehow made it fit a queen bed and dresser, while it’s been our room, but the good feng shui factor was missing. I think I can achieve better flow with the smaller pieces required for the baby. Here are photos as the room is now, with our stuff, and a floor plan for the nursery.







The easiest way to make this awkward room work is to keep the door to the Jack and Jill bath closed. It’s not ideal, but the chair and ottoman I have for the nursery will sit in front of that door. The crib is a “mini-crib”, so it’s not as large as a full size crib. The dresser I am working on redesigning is long and lean in profile, so it’s perfect for the wall with the two doors.

Well, that’s the “before”,and although I’m anxious for the “after”, it’s going to be a while before I’m there. In the meantime, I’ll post about the continual progress and DIY projects along the way.

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