Bainbridge Rotary Sale

The time has come people… this Saturday the 28th is the amazing Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction and Rummage Sale.  This event offers more used goods, all in one place, than any other event in Kitsap County. The BI Rotarians take over Woodward Middle School and set up “departments” for items of all kinds.  The sale runs from 8am-2pm.  Of course, I focus my purchasing on furniture, lamps, accessories and art work, but a person can find just about anything they want at this sale.  After attending the auction for the last six years, I’ve learned a few things:

1. Do NOT attend the preview on the Friday night before the sale. The reason I don’t go, is so that I suffer disappointment when someone else buys that oh so perfect leather chair that I spotted the night before. Some like to check out the preview, so they can gauge whether or not braving the masses of deal-hungry people on Saturday will be actually worth it.  In my experience, it as always been worth the trip.

2. Swing in around 10am, rather than getting there before the gates open at 8am.  Entering with that mad rush of bargain-crazed shoppers at the start of the sale, is just not worth it to me.  Sure, I probably miss out on some great stuff, but, like I said, I have always walked away with amazing deals.

3. Stay until AT LEAST NOON.  Seriously, at noon, the deals really ramp up.  All pieces have prices already, but, at this point the volunteers just want to see the stuff gone by 2pm. Just make an offer, and see what they say.  The best deal, hands down, was the wooden, wheeled office chair my husband now uses. We paid $1.

4. Unless you wind up buying something gigantic, like a boat or a treadmill or an enormous dining hutch, do not wait to use the pick up line to load your car.  Do your best to ferry your purchases back to your car, as you buy them. Even if your car is parked really far away, which it most likely will be. Our first year at the sale, we bought a salvaged white Carrera marble countertop (for $20), so we had to get in that god-awful, insanely long pick up line. This will save you at least an hour of unproductive time, stuck in the car and not shopping for deals.

5.Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.  That is a no brainer.

6. Bring a tape measure and measurements of rooms that you are searching for pieces for.

That is about it! See you this Saturday! Oh, and don’t forget to bring cash- they take cards too, but cash is so much easier!!!!

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