darn it, domino

Regardless of how disconnected my life is from the high design community, one would have thought that, being a huge Domino magazine fan, I might have at least heard rumblings of its reissue.  After reading Domino magazine’s second special edition: “Best Rooms”, since the July release of “Quick Fixes”, I now understand why there was no noise. The magazine is a faint shadow of its former self. In fact, I am simply confused. Why now, and why not online only?

I used to devour Domino the minute I pulled it from the mailbox. It was always packed with great design insight, almost overwhelmingly so. Aside from the major disappointment that “Best Rooms” contains lots of recycled content, (why waste paper on old design moments?), the hard copy looks like, and reads like an online magazine. It was dizzying to follow. The page layout was super displeasing to me. Honestly, I think Conde Nast should only feature it online, and reinvent the product to contain fresh information daily.

That being said, there were a few good new design nuggets, that sort of made it worth the $10.99. I fell in love with both Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe’s homes. These two designers/business partners have very different interpretations of cozy. It’s hard to describe how a person could like each of the spaces equally when one exudes artistic rusticity and the other is a bit urban and a bit earthy. But I do.

I’m sorry for the quality of this photo. I had to snap a picture with my phone, since none of this issue’s content is available online.

Nonetheless, I suppose it is a good thing to keep the Domino name alive. In its current state however, Domino won’t reclaim its previous role as a design staple, more likely, it will remain a side note. Whah.

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