Dining Room: Stage 2

I’m really close to checking off all of my dining room projects from my HUGE idea list. I thought it was time to share some photos!

The space has been painted Martha Stewart’s Bedford Gray, art work has been hung, and lighting has been changed/added. It’s well on it’s way to becoming the warm, but updated space for eating cozy meals that I originally envisioned.  Here is the transformation so far!

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Changing out the light fixture was the boldest move. I spent only $30 on IKEA’s Foto pendant in dark grey. I think it provides the perfect modern foil to the traditional dining chairs. Such a vast improvement over the old one! I LOVE it! I also got some plain white curtain panels from IKEA (on clearance for $12.50/pair!) that I plan on changing, but I really like the soft diffused light they create.

The projects left on my list for Stage 3 include:

1. Painting the dining chairs high gloss black.

2. Painting the back door with chalkboard paint.

3. Altering the curtain panels to be smaller panels and to hang from hooks, rather than rods.

4. SOME day, I will refinish that dining table with a liming treatment… that will be part of Stage 4… I’m in no big hurry to jump into that one!

Although I am sure that I will never stop tweaking it, I am very pleased with the way it is turning out. Hope you like it too!

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