Design Challenge: Peaceful Retreat

I want to create a bedroom that feels serene, calming, and uncluttered.  Right now, it’s completely chaotic and not a bit restful. Currently, the room is dark brown, which was great for its former use as a TV room. I don’t want it to feel cave like anymore, instead I crave clarity.  The space is such a challenge. Here are a few photos of it’s present state.

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It is already a small room, but chopped up by  three doors, a window and a crazy cubby-hole wall closet. Devising a happy floor plan is almost impossible. I have lots of ideas, but just not sure which ones will actually work.  Here is what I am thinking today:

1. Get rid of one of the dressers and reconfigure the closet and cubby to function better for clothes storage.

2. Put the doors back on the cubby, and paint it out the same color as the wall, so it will just blend in.

3. Paint the walls a softer color.

4. Replace the satin stripe curtains with something a but more simple, with less fabric.

5. Get a new bedskirt.

6. Install wall sconces or use a paper lantern pendant over the bed for lighting.

I think I will start with the reorganization and then tackle the painting and curtains. I’ll share some progress photos soon!


  1. Betsy! I’m so missing Seattle today and wish I could bring pumpkin spice lattes over and help you tackle this. Can’t wait to see what you do. I love your adorable house.

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