Marta and Drew’s Nursery-To-Be

I am thrilled that my wonderful friends Marta and Drew are expecting their first child! I am equally excited to be working on some design plans for their nursery.  Marta and Drew live in a one bedroom apartment in San Fransisco.  While it is definitely possible to live in a one bedroom with a baby- long term, it gets harder… Luckily they were able to negotiate that their landlord finish off the space at the back of the apartment that had previously been a storage area. They now have a 8ft x 7ft, 6in space to create a cozy and spectacular nursery.  Trust me, there is no earthly reason why such a small space cannot be simply divine and just perfect for a baby!

The most paramount of issues with the nursery is to make the best use of the space as is possible. I am definitely recommending the following items:

1. Go with a mini crib.  At 40″ x 28.5″ it reasonably be used for baby until she is ready for a bed. I can attest to this since my son, who has been consistently in the 100th percentile for height for his age is just about to move out of it at 21 months.

2. I know that lots of moms insist that you must have a nursery glider and ottoman.  I think they take up a lot of space though. I would recommend a small-scale rocking chair or arm chair and an ottoman pouf  or small footstool instead.

3. Use a vintage dresser as your changing table. Simply attach a changing pad and voila! The perfect way to gain storage and a changing surface.

4. A bookcase of any sort (as long as it’s not too big), with baskets for more storage would be great along the back wall, next to the rocking chair.

As far as decor is concerned, Marta and Drew want to keep it pretty gender neutral, although they know they are having a girl. Being nature lovers, they would like to natural elements as the overarching theme. They have already chosen Benjamin Moore’s Early Dawn as their paint color, mixed from their no VOC line, Natura. With that lovely soft yellow as a backdrop, I can easily suggest adding in touches of weathered gray, dreamy apricot and soft aqua to complete the pallete.

Here is the design board:


Parson’s Bookcase and Owl Lamp: West Elm.

Vintage Dresser, Cherry Blossom Wall Decal and Pouf Ottoman, Esty.

Mid Century Modern Rocking Chair, Ebay.

Annabelle Mini Crib, Target.

Simpatico Fabrics by Michelle Engele Bencsko, Hawthorne Threads. For possible curtains, crib bedding or upholstery.

Here is a slide show of more images, including the inspiration nursery, from our Pinterest nursery board.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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