Spare Rooms

I’m actually sort of enjoying how little furniture I have in each room since the move. We had to downsize our furnishings quite considerably when we moved out. I assumed that once were were back in, I would want to replace all of the things that we had given away.  So far, however, I am really appreciating being able to see corners and empty wall space.  It always felt like our rooms were a bit overstuffed before, but always, always cozy.

I really don’t want the rooms to feel sparsely furnished though. So, there are, of course, a few pieces on my wish list: a console table or streamlined buffet for the dining room, another occasional chair for the living room, end tables with a more modern look, and a couple of bookcases for various spots in the house. I’m sure most of it can be found on my bargain hunting trips. The modern stuff might be a bit harder to find on the cheap.

Here is a bit of inspiration: Designer Steven Volpe.  His work has more of a modern heavy focus than I could live with, but I love how his rooms feel open and intimate all at once.  The furniture choices are for comfort, and function as well as beauty.  I’d like to find my own version of that mix. Photos found on pinterest.

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All this time away, in the city, living in smaller dwellings, has really helped me to appreciate the amount of space this house can offer, as long as I let it! I’ve vowed not to let new things in, unless I LOVE them, really love them. I’ll probably need you all as witnesses to help me keep my word, so thanks in advance!


  1. I could definitely live with Stephen’s style – I LOVE it! Glad you are going outside of your comfort zone for inspiration!

  2. I could totally live with Steven’s design! I LOVE IT! So glad that you are going outside of your comfort zone for inspiration!

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