Dining Room Design Board

My sister Aimee is just the best. She sat on the phone and listened to me lament about my overly traditional decor, and then brainstormed some fantastic ideas on how I could spruce up the dining room.  Here is my plan so far.

The run down: Cozy gray walls, a rustic wood table and accents of peacock blue, poppy orange, and aged gold.

1. THE WALLS: I will paint them Martha Stewart’s Bedford Gray from her line at Home Depot. It is warm gray, and neither too pale nor too dark. It should provide a modern feel amongst the traditional chairs and trestle table.

2. THE FURNITURE: I think a bright orange red on the chairs would be juicy and very fresh. Eventually I would love to do a limed or cerused finish on the dining table, to gray down it’s honey wood tones. I currently do not have a buffet, but am going to keep my eyes out for a clean lined or modern console table instead. I’d love for it to have a muted metal finish.

3. THE LIGHTING: My current fixture isn’t very distinct, but I might look into painting it and switching out the globes for something more contemporary. The other thought is to find a dramatic, large drum shade to hang over the table.

4. THE CURTAINS: I have several thoughts here. The first idea was to use a very of-the-moment chevron in a peacock blue and white colorway. I think it would look awesome, but honestly, it’s not in the budget. My other idea is to just use plain white panels and either leave them alone, or add a bright border to them.  Aimee also spotted this ingenious diy project on the blog, Decorating Cents, turning a shower curtain from Target into two curtain panels.

5. THE ACCENTS: My rug is just fine, it is a nice honey colored sisal. Since I can’t do the zig-zag on the curtains, I thought perhaps I could make a cushion for the bench that sits in front of the window. It would certainly be large enough to make an impact, but would take less than 2 yards of fabric verses the 8 for the curtains.  The larger wall in the room would sport a salon style hanging of art work in gold frames. Maybe a small, modern lamp on the console, if I ever find the right one.

Inspiration dining room found on Pinterest. Chair: Maine Cottage. Zig-zag fabric: fabric.com.

That about sums it up.  I’m really excited about how this will look, but I must do it in stages. I’ll start with the walls and work on the other projects as time and budget allow. I’m sure that the paint alone will make a world of difference!

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