Tired of Playing it Safe

I think I’m ready for a bit of drama. I’m tired of playing it safe with my decorating.  I always err on the side of predictable and normal and traditional.  Wouldn’t it be fun to just let loose and really get creative? I almost always talk myself out of doing things that are a but funky or risky, in fear that I’ll tire of it too quickly. Instead, I opt for what I think of as “timeless”, and still end up changing it down the road that very reason!

Well, anyways, since I am still in the dreaming phase of decorating for after our move, I have decided to research some dramatic dining rooms.  I think our dining room would be a great space to get quirky, since it’s at the back of the house, but still visible from the living room and kitchen. In short, something eye catching would be enjoyable, but since isn’t the room we spend most of our time in, it won’t overwhelm.

I’m inclined to paint the room a saturated or darker hue, because it gets such intense afternoon and evening light. But I don’t want it to feel too cave like either. Maybe I’ll create my own fabric for curtains and have it printed on spoonflower. It’s definitely time to paint the dining chairs, how about a hot poppy red? Here are a few inspiring dining rooms that have got my creative wheels spinning!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Images were found on pinterest, rue mag, and House Beautiful.


  1. I agree! I can totally picture something like this in your dining room. I especially like the one with the chalkboard wall. It’s grown-up sophisticated, but would be superfun for Thomas, too.

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