Ugh, Packing


Just a few thoughts: My husband and I have moved nine times since we met each other in 2002.  That’s nine moves in ten years. This move back to Bremerton will be our tenth.  It’s sort of insane, is it not? The upshot to all of this movement- I have gotten pretty good at packing over the years. But I still don’t like it. I’ve begun to box up the stuff we rarely use or need access to. It’s a lot of stuff.  It all begs the question- do we really need this? I’ve started a pile for donation, but still find myself holding on to unneccessary items nonetheless.  I say to myself, “Well, we will have the space to store it, so why not keep it?”  Even still, I should be more careful, or we will out grow the house before we get in there!

That being said, I do LOVE unpacking.  The process offers you the opportunity to view your beloved belongings in a new light. This move in particular affords lots of  room for this exercise, since we have lived in this house before…Where will I hang the large oil painting in this house? Should the book-case go in the living room or the office? How will I organize my dishes and glass ware this time? How can I make my cleaning supplies easier to get at this time around? There is something incredibly satisfying about creating a place for everything. Don’t you agree?

Even though setting up house is one of the things I do best, I do hope that this is the last move for a long time.  But life leads us all sorts of places… and we just go. Wish me luck over the next few weeks as I tackle this challenge!


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