That Perfect Wall Color

As I look for inspiration for creating a new vibe in our old house, I am consistently drawn to interiors with subtle tones of pale, airy, greyed-out blue-green. I am searching for shades of blue that are sort of indefinable: not Robin’s Egg, not Baby Blue, not Wedgwood Blue. I want a blue that reminds me of a slightly overcast, but warm summer day at the Oregon coast. Salty, sea air. I want a blue that can be cozy, yet provide a cool counterpart to all of the wood tones and textures I tend to live with.

I think I have found a color that might just do the trick.  Problem is, I don’t know the name of it! I do have photos though, so let me share them with you. This is designer Amy Meier’s San Diego home, as seem in Better Homes and Gardens in January 2011. I have been hanging onto the pages since then, thinking that one day, I might get to paint my walls again!

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I love how she has mixed in all types of pieces and color, but they all seem to belong together with the beautiful wall color as the backdrop. To find out what this color is, I have either got to get in contact with her, or see if by some odd chance, I didn’t recycle the magazine I pulled the story from. It might be listed in the buying information section. That involves rooting around in my son’s closet, and he is a champion napper today!

I have also been checking out Benjamin Moore’s site and love the colors that Candice Olson has pulled together for her collection. Lots of blues in the color family I have in mind, plus a couple of dark grey’s which would be excellent for whenever I get around the painting the dining chairs!


  1. I am so glad you posted this, Betsy! I was thinking about the workspace from this issue while trying to organize my scrapbook area, which is now in our living room. We have a large “cube” shelf like the one in this post, and I was thinking of putting curtains on it…but, if I can get it to look -that- cute I might just leave them open! Thanks!

    1. Yeah- doesn’t she use that piece just perfectly? Matching binders, boxes and baskets… not too hard to achieve on any budget, really! Glad I could provide an inspiring link for you!!! Good luck… Take photos if you can, and email them my way!

  2. Bets, I loved that issue and that home. I completely identify with her color choices…I would replicate if I could. The blue I have is a little too dark…hers is perfect. If I find the issue and the color name, I will let you know.

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