I Just Can’t Help Myself

I am already dreaming of how I will arrange the furniture and what colors I will paint the walls in our “new” old house. I’ve drawn my little floor plans, heavy with notes and ideas in the margins. The to do list is quickly growing out of control.  I’m not too anxious about getting it all done, because I know we’ve got time. We can get settled in properly, and then make the bigger decorating decisions. It’s not the same as when we were renting, and there was an end date tacked onto our stay.  It’s really freeing.

I’ve been pondering all of the little things that never quite worked, that we just lived with before we moved out.  The list is not particularly long, and some of them are not that urgent, but I’d like to address them in due course this time. Here is a punch list, in no particular order.

1. Rebuild the front steps and paint them, along with the porch. They are wobbly at best, precarious at worst. This is a major one.

2. The basement laundry area is gloomy and the storage is not efficient. This is a pretty easy fix, I’ll just paint every surface white, lay down a soft little runner in front of the machines and eventually address the storage issue.

3. Two of the bedrooms are connected by a long, narrow closet. A horrible use of space! I came up with the long-term solution of splitting the closet in half with a wall. That seems hard to do, and might take a bit more money than I can swing. My sister Aimee brainstormed using a curtain to divide the space, in the mean time. Genius!

4. We need to come up with a safe and attractive way to keep Thomas away from the pellet stove. Luckily we are moving in late spring, so we should be able to wait to address this problem until later this summer.

5. We need to install exhaust fans in both the kitchen and bathroom. I don’t think that this is a super hard job, but I’m not sure if we are equipped to tackle it ourselves. It will take some research.

6. The garage door, is drafty and rickety. The garage is part of the basement, as is typical in our hilly neighborhood, and we don’t park the car there. Even still, I am sure that the space would be much more pleasant and useable, if we installed french doors instead. That will be a big, and slightly expensive project no doubt.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but as crazy as it sounds, I am honestly looking forward to achieving weekend warrior status once again. That’s when I am truly in my element!


  1. You crack me up, Betsy. We think alike in some ways, though indeed you’re the one with such amazing style ideas! I’m excited to see what kind of new projects and designs you come up with at the “new” house.

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