Back to Bremerton!

We are moving back to Bremerton! So excited to be moving back into our charming, old home. The task of moving seems a bit daunting, but the thought of returning to OUR house, throws a comforting, cozy cast over the whole thing! I have MANY photos of our house throughout its numerous paint changes and furniture rearranges, over the 3 and a half years that we lived in it. They are, however, very poorly organized and labeled, but I found a few snapshots to share with you, just so you get an idea of what it looks like. (there are lots of photos in the archives on my old blog, bchicdesign)

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I will certainly be doing lots of re-painting, but I am going to wait until we are settled in. At the moment, I am leaning toward mostly off-white walls and maybe some nice warm, gray tones. Don’t worry, I will blog all about it! I am also so thrilled for Thomas to call this house his home! We will have many back yard adventures this summer and in the years to come. I’m looking forward to setting up his room and a little play area in the living room!

It’s been fun to live in the city and have so many wonderful things at our fingertips. We will miss Seattle, and hope that we still get to see our friends frequently, but also can’t wait to be closer to family and to reconnect with our friends on the other side of the water. We’ve still got a month here in our cute little house, and lots of big things to get done…away we go!


  1. can’t wait to visit you in the “new” old house – I love that sweet place – filled with sun, fun and love! 🙂 Not to mention new/old design challenges!

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