Thank You, Restoration Hardware

A while back Restoration Hardware made a major aesthetic change: they super-sized all of their furniture. Pieces were so out-sized, the only environment suitable would need to be cavernous, if not palatial.  All of a sudden, pieces seemed so much less affordable, and by extension, much less accessible. The switch confused me, because at that time, the economy was just beginning to nosedive and people everywhere were tightening budgets, and downsizing their homes, either by choice or force. At that point, I wrote them off. I was no longer interested in roaming the dark, monochromatic showroom, scratching my head about the impractical implementation of scale, and glancing at price tags that made me want to walk right out, instead of sit right down.

I was gladdened to see that I must not have been the only critic of this drastic shift, since for this spring, they have actually scaled down their regular pieces to reflect more normal proportions and fit into more realistic environments. The palette is still mainly beiges, greys, and sepia tones. But, if you began with such a sumptuous and neutral backdrop it would be easy enough to add a dash of your favorite hue. Here is a look at my favorites from the line up.


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