Clutter in the Corners

It’s amazing how, especially in a small home, despite my organizing efforts, clutter happens. Clutter begets clutter. I know this, and yet, it curses this house. Clutter’s breeding process goes something like this:

A few months after moving in, I realized I didn’t have a spot to store my decorating magazines after I’d read them. I was too busy to figure out a proper solution, so I stashed them in the corner of my bedroom, next to the closet. Since I have curtains hanging over my closet, I could easily hide the stack, and quickly began to ignore it. Around that same time, I couldn’t decide on the proper place to hang my beloved round mirror. Not wanting it to get banged up in our storage shed, I placed it in the corner with the magazines, until I could figure out where to hang it. Soon after that, I rearranged things in the hall cupboards, and a box of my finer underthings lost it’s home. Just a couple of weeks ago, as I switched out my winter clothes with my spring things, I readied a bag for good will. Two nights ago, I was too hot while I slept, so I pulled the wool blanket off the bed, wadded it up and plopped it on “the pile”. Now it is the crowning jewel to that innocent stack of magazines that began in October.

This morning, I tripped over” the pile” while making my bed. I pulled back the curtain and sort of couldn’t believe how large” the pile” had become. I looked around the room, clutter was now multiplying next to my laundry basket. That pile is a mix of both mine and my husband’s stuff. “Wow”, I thought, “Am I becoming a hoarder?” Yikes.  Today’s challenge is to clear out those corners and come up with a more permanent solution to storing my magazines.

Clutter begets clutter. I guess it’s a lesson I’ll have to learn over and over again. Next time I can’t find a proper place to put something, maybe I’ll consider the recycling bin instead!

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