My Favorite Color

Maybe there is no point in posting this so late on a Friday afternoon, but I just have to share. You see, I’ve had a favorite color epiphany. It might sound sort of silly, and really, I guess it is. The thing is, as a person who devours design magazines and blogs on a daily basis, I am exposed to so many beautiful colors. I’ve always been in denial that I could ever choose just one to truly love, to truly call my fave.

It has been through this activity of constant perusal that Ifinally realized a pattern. I’m always more drawn to, or affected by the same types of interiors.  The ones I want to live in are full of light, texture, history and have just a dash of soft, calming aqua blue. So there you have it. I guess that is why it just keeps turning up in every room in my home. It has not been a totally conscious effort, but beach, breezy sea glass blue has permeated my cozy home.

A few pale blue images to create a sense of calm as you enter your weekend- may it be relaxing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of these inspiring images found on Pinterest, House Beautiful or Martha.

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