Weekend Projects

Quick decorating projects that make a huge difference and a big design impact are my favorite! Here are a couple of ideas for swift change, that will take you no more than a few hours over a couple of days.

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Finding the Thonet bentwood chair was certainly serendipitous. Such a classic chair is always a good choice, even if it is rough around the edges.  So much can be done with just a half yard of fabric! I simply stapled the new print over the existing seat cover. It was almost too easy!

The bulletin board had great features: it was a good size, had a nice, wide rattan frame, and good hardware on the back. It just needed a little love. Craft paint and fabric and a bit of time made a world of difference.

Both of these projects were easily accomplished over a couple of days, despite many of life’s little interruptions! All you’ve got to do is swing by your favorite second-hand store and look beyond the junk for classic pieces with potential. I hope I have inspired you to search out the beauty and quality that can be found in cast off goods, and to make your mark on them!


  1. Super cute! I love quick projects like this! So fun to change something so quickly! The joy of the bargain!

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