Thomas’ Nook

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I’ve got most of the key pieces for the nook I wanted to create for Thomas. I’m still looking for a pair of child’s chairs or stools, but I did find a nice child’s rocking chair at a thrift store, that he just adores.Ā  It’s got great little details and was made a long time ago, by a reputable furniture company in the USA! The table, also found at a second-hand store, is clearly home-made, and needs a bit of work, but I can tell it was once loved and used by a child. Plus, it was just $10! I plan on coating the top with chalkboard paint and using decoupage on the legs with some fun paper. It’s also a bit too tall, so I might cut down the legs an inch or two.

I’ve also hung a bulletin board up with photos of Thomas with family members, many of whom live far away.Ā  He now knows to point to each one by name, so its been an excellent learning tool for us. I look forward to hanging his artwork on it in the years to come. I also might add a magnetic board to the area so he can play with ABC magnets and tack up more photos in the future. I’ve really enjoyed pulling all of these pieces together, and will post more photos when the table is complete!


  1. What a cute, sweet idea! I love this idea… making small, special spots within smaller homes. Reminds me, too, of how I used to hang out in my tiny closet a LOT as a kid. Is that weird? šŸ™‚

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