No One Does Home Office Better

No one does an organized home office better than Martha Stewart. It’s true.  Photographs of her multiple home office and craft rooms inspire deep seated feelings of ugly, old envy. I simply don’t have the means or the space to replicate the lofty levels of organization that she so painstakingly, and no doubt, loving installs into every corner of her home.  I love reading about them in Living, but always close the issue feeling like I’ll never be able to achieve such high standards, or invest my already stretched time in her detailed projects.

That is why I am relived and pleasantly surprised by her new collection of home office supplies at Staples. Finally, things that are tangible and affordable. They are ingenuous. The color pallets are divine. The sheer diversity of labels available is sort of mind-boggling.  Removeable, permanent, textured, chalkboard, and dry erase… a little bit of everything! Best of all, because Ms. Stewart has thought of everything, putting together multiple organizational systems to fit lots of different needs, actually seems doable. I only wish I had seen all of this wonderful stuff before I reworked my home office!

A variety of the fun home office products in Martha Stewart's new line at Staples.

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