Dreaming of California Style

I’ve always been drawn to California interiors. There is an almost tangible sense of ease and an elegant informality about them. White walls and warm sunny accents, layered pattern and texture, with a few curves, but mostly clean lines. A blend of modern and fantastically vintage, patina-ed furnishings.

These are the reasons why I have been dreaming of the One Day Living Room Makeover featured in February’s House Beautiful. Peter Dunham, owner of Hollywood at Home, essentially created my dream living room, in 9 hours. I’m so jealous of Kevin West– he gets to live in it!

Kevin West's living room before the makeover boasts impressive pieces, but looks more like a booth at an upscale antique market, than an inviting place for living!
AFTER: the PERFECT living room, no? I want to bring elements of this casual but sophisticated style into my LIFE, not just my home!
I have coveted such time-worn leather club chairs as these, since I first saw a pair at a boutique furniture store, over six years ago. They are definitely on the "someday" list!

If I ever live in my own home again, I imagine it with these same fresh, creamy walls, loads of texture and a huge linen sofa for lounging. I see more cool colors than warm, as accents, but my vision basically reflects the amazing design that Peter Dunham created for Kevin West.  As I said, I am so envious!

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