A New Work Station

The last time I wrote about my home office, it was in a state of disgusting disarray. I was struggling with paper clutter, and a lack of organized storage. It was time to face the challenge of hiding things in plain sight, since in a house this small, I don’t have the luxury of putting things behind closed doors!

Today I am happy to report that the new system is working pretty darn well at keeping me organized. Let me share my strategy.

1. I cleared the decks:

  • I removed the desk from the house- it was simply taking up too much space.
  • I went through all of my files and random piles of paper/mail.
  • I put a file cabinet in my son’s closet to house long-term paper storage.

2. I came up with a system to deal with incoming mail and other important documents. Thank you to Better Homes and Gardens January issue for their savvy tips on organizing paper! Now, I have three action files on the wall for sorting, and two binders (one for home and one for my business) for important, frequent referencing.

3. I went shopping! I really didn’t spend much.  I bought the wall file system at IKEA, and purchased two binders and a pack of page protectors at Target. I got my calendar and recycled file folders at Paper Source.

4. I put everything in its place.  Using drawer units from IKEA that I already had, I created spots for all of the little things that I need easy access to, but don’t want to see: pens, paper, address book, note cards, crafting supplies, cameras and cords, and so much more.

Check out the slide show to see the results!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5 thoughts on “A New Work Station

  1. Looks terrific! Can you come organize my horribly messy office??? Please! Need your help desperately! I want it to look as nice as yours.:)

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