As Long As I’m Housebound…

There's alot to be said for simply having a warm house to hunker down in, to ride out an ugly winter storm. I'm so grateful for heat, power and plenty of rations!

I thought I might as well get a quick post up. It’ been snowing since Tuesday night, and in Seattle, that means you just shouldn’t leave the house. I’ve been contemplating the idea of home and the importance of feeling comfortable and warm, and using your space to best suit your needs. Decorate with the things you love, not just what looks good! Stay cozy Seattle!


  1. Amen to feeling comfortable in your space. It’s weird living with someone else’s furniture and stuff right now. Luckily she has great taste, so I don’t feel uncomfortable. Even before reading your post, I was thinking how grateful I am for that. If she were the flowery valance type, I’d be ready to back my bags and head back to Seattle about right now.

    1. Anything you can quickly add to bring a bit of your own style? Perhaps a couple of throw pillows for the bed, or a fun print for the wall? Maybe a snapshot of the Seattle skyline to remind you of home?

  2. Snow even in Seattle, I thought that had escaped the snow filled winters of your midwestern past! Think of the snow as a hug from your family in Illinois. We miss you!

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