No Small Task

Getting things organized and clearing the decks is no small task, not matter how small your house.  Maybe it’s actually harder in a small house because there’s nowhere to hide any extra stuff! I’m up for this never-ending challenge, but I need to keep my focus on one task at a time. I’ve already checked a few things off of the list, and it feels good, but the ugly sorting, shredding and filing steps remain.

So far, I’ve moved the desk out into the shed and the bookcase into Thomas’ closet. We just had too much furniture in our little living room.  It feels lots bigger now, the antique pastry table my grandma gave me, is front and center, and there is now a clear corner for Thomas’ little table and chairs.

The room feels more open and cohesive without the book case and desk.
I'm so glad to have received this piece from my Grandma. I wasn't sure if I cold make it work in the room, but it did!

The pastry table is hard at work as tv stand/toy storage. The bins on the bottom are deep enough to hold lots of toys, and I repurposed a couple of pretty bins that were just collecting junk and mail, for blocks and books.

Plenty of room for toys and books, and I like the look of this piece so much more than a plain old bookcase!

I added a wire basket on the side to corral his stuffed animals and play quilts.

This vintage egg crate is for toy overflow, of which there is seemingly no end!

My next step is to get all of our paper sorted and filed and to create a system for keeping on top of it!


  1. Wow, you are doing a great job of keeping the chaos of kid stuff in check in creative, tidy, cute ways! And do your cats know to pose for these pictures so perfectly?

  2. What a big difference! The room looks really great, Betsy. I so love your cool pastry table and the history behind it. Are you missing the functionality of the desk and bookcase?

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