Brainstorming in the Shower

Some of my best ideas come to me after I’ve had a few cups of coffee, get Thomas down for a nap and hop in the shower. I think it’s a combo of the steam and the quiet- usually, it’s the only snippet of peace I get all day. Anyway, lately I have been thinking really hard about opening my own second-hand furniture and decor shop. Actually, I have always been thinking about doing that- at least for the last seven years or so.  The financial risk isn’t something I can really take on though.

But what if I shared the financial commitment? What if it was like a for-profit design co-op that featured my shop, and several others under one roof? Sort of a combo of an antique mall and an arts incubator with individual artist studios/ designer’s offices. Maybe a letterpress artist, a potter, a visual artist and a graphic designer. Maybe an upholsterer, fiber artist or seamstress? Could be cool, right?

Well, you all are the first to hear about this new vision. I think I’d like to see it through. Not only do I like the thought of getting my own business up and running, but I love the prospect of banding together with other do-it-yourself designers and artists. I’ll get more thoughts together on this, and fill you in as I go.

What do you think? Any bright ideas? Any thoughts on who to reach out to?


  1. Betsy!! I am taking an evening upholstry class right now 🙂 Well not “right now” but on Tuesday nights…you get the idea. It is interesting and actually easier than I thought. If I lived in your town we could do this together!

    Well good luck and let me know when you are open so I can come and be a customer!

    Love you and your men!

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