General Design Frustration

Sometimes I get so bogged down with little design ideas that I can’t think straight. Then I get frustrated because I haven’t got the resources to pull the trigger and make them happen. I know I am not alone in this struggle. My main problem is that as I gather ideas and brainstorm, I get confused and then can never make a decision because I like so many different things. I get scared to commit to a project for fear that I will change my mind and have wasted my time and money (see post: The Eternal Before Stage) That desk chair is still not done!!! At least I have started putting all of my design ideas into my SMASH book so they live in one place!

My SMASH book has become a great little collection tool for my design ideas!

Anyways, this rant was triggered by yet another project idea I saw in Better Homes and Gardens‘ October issue. Designer Amy Brown’s charming and practical family friendly home is featured. In the article there is a photo of one of her sons playing the ukulele while sitting under a large bulletin board that is covered in family photos. I love the layered, homey and accessible look of the board.

I had been thinking that I wanted to turn my little hallway into a family photo gallery. I’ve always wanted to do something like this. One of my favorite things about my husband’s grandmother’s old house was the hallway.  It was covered in pictures, in frames and on bulletin boards- a real tribute to the importance of special moments over the course of her family’s history. I’d like to replicate that feeling in my home. Here is a peek into the crazy brainstorming process I’ve gone through during the last month and a half:

1. Paint the white wall of the hallway the same dark grey that the other wall is painted. Don’t know why the landlords didn’t do this in the first place.

2. Spray paint a bunch of odd photo frames the same color and do all the photos in black and white. Cover the walls with these framed images.

3. I never seem to have time to paint the wall, nor do I have time to spray paint picture frames.

4. I don’t really want to have to patch up a bunch of holes in the walls when we leave this place.

5. Maybe I should forget painting altogether and use vinyl wall decals that look like picture frames. Then I’ll simply hang the photos in place with  removable tack.

6. Upon further research, these decals are not that cheap, at least not when you want a lot of them.

7. I should just buy a huge bulletin board and cover it with pics. I researched this option as well, and large boards are spendy. You know me, I want it to be as inexpensive as possible.

8. Today, right at this moment, I am thinking I will look for one at a second-hand store and maybe build out the frame with moulding or trim to class it up a bit.

9. Now, if I can just find the time to go out there and hunt! HA!

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