Fall is My Favorite

Fall is my favorite for everything… the home cooked meals, the crisp air, pumpkins, getting cozy, the gardening, the clear evening light, and of course, the decorating! I love fall’s inspiring colors and textures. This year, my fall decor change over may come a little later than usual.  In mid October I will be receiving an oriental rug from my grandmother with rich reds and blues… at least that is what my mom and I think the pallet is.  Neither of us can specifically remember what it looks like, and it has been in storage for quite a long time. Whatever it is, I am ready to trade in the pool blue and apricot orange combo I’ve had for six years, for deeper and more cozy colors.

Once it’s here, I fully anticipate making new pillow covers and possibly a slipcover for the ottoman. In the meantime though, to get myself going, I planted some vibrant fall annuals in my front garden bed.  Nothing fancy, but the result is very welcoming and cheery. What was once a dry and dreary bed of dirt is now a nice little sampling of fall that I can enjoy from inside the house as well!

This is the first time I have used black mulch, and I really like how it sets the plants apart.


  1. How exciting to have a new rug coming. So glad you waited and have new inspiration for pillows and ottoman now.

    The flowers are so pretty and you have a good eye for choice.
    the black mulch is neat. Is that pine? needles? very cool.


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