SMASH Journals

I think I found a new hobby.  I never got into scrapbooking because of the expense, and frankly, I find it a little intimidating.  Scrapbooker’s pages seem perfectly planned and very time consuming.  I am not a perfectionist when it comes to crafting. That is why I am excited about the SMASH book craze. There is absolutely no pretense with this series, the pages in each themed book are already cute, you just have to add your personal touch.  There are also lots of little embellishments to add, like cute sticky notes and flags, labels and decorative tape.  The genius part of these journals is the pen/glue stick combo.  It makes it so easy to just get started. A great place to keep your ticket stubs, inspiration pages from magazines, brochures and memorabilia from travels, and photos and ideas.

I just bought one yesterday at Impress in University Village, and already got started.  I’m going to use mine as a place for decorating and crafting brainstorming, journaling and documenting our life in this new house and neighborhood.

I’d also like to do one for my son, as a retrospective of his first year of life, for his birthday on November 8.

With six different themes and all kinds of do-dads to add flair, the possibilities are endless. You can find lots of their stuff on and  their brand’s site K&company. SMASH books make me want to do more fun stuff, just so I can chronicle it!

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