Is it Possible?

Is it possible that our new house is actually smaller than the one bedroom we moved from? Is it possible that despite getting rid of some of the extra clutter pre-move, we still have too much unneeded stuff?  Will it be impossible to fit all of the pieces into this new puzzle? Answers: maybe, yes and hopefully.

The rooms in this house are not as generously proportioned as the large living and dining rooms in the old place. Although we now have a nice open concept floor plan, that doesn’t necessarily mean we have more space. I’m not complaining, it’s just been a challenge.  We no longer have room for the dresser we had the television on or for both of the low bookcases. With the dresser  out, we need concealed storage for DVD’s and CD’s. The tall bookcase has to function as a place to hold books, the stereo and our music and movies.

I just don’t want this cute and simple little house to disappear under the weight of all our stuff, as it currently is.  Of course I am still sorting and getting things settled, but I am doubtful at this point that I will be able to maintain the uncluttered integrity that I so admired the place for pre-move. I am up to the challenge and have begun pairing down even more than before, and researching nifty storage ideas.

It seems that storage is still the main issue. I am also grappling with a slight identity crisis.  I feel that the vibe of the dominant kitchen is more industrial than my furniture and accessories are comfortable mixing with.  I am having trouble pairing that aesthetic with mine, which now seems decidedly more fussy and romantic that I would care to admit. I guess the fluffing and decorating is going to have to wait until I get unpacked and take stock of what won’t work anymore. Well, that’s it for now.  I promise that there will be more soon!


  1. This does sound like a challenge! I like your realization about your own tastes. 🙂

    If anyone can pull this off, you can.

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