Summer Deals

Now is a great time to be in the market for outdoor furnishings. Just about every retailer has begun marking their summer collections down for the season.  I am going to need a few pieces after we get settled in at our new place.  With such a lovely back yard to enjoy, and only a couple of warm months left, I’ll want to get out there right away.  Here are a few items I found that have function and form.

Cadiz chair from World Market, $59.98 for a set of two.

The cadiz chair from World Market. A simple, but graceful metal dining chair with ample room in the seat. I don't like flimsy folding bistro chairs, no matter how cute they are!

The Twist side tables from CB2. $39.95 for the set of two.

CB2's Twist side tables. A set of two in citrus hues. It would be good to bring in a little modern edge to the landscape.

The Outdoor Crazy Chair from Pier1.  $69.98.

From Pier1, this chair looks comfy for lounging, and isn't your typical wicker.

There are lots of great deals to be had out there, so go forth and find that perfect piece so you can relax and enjoy the rest of summer’s lazy days!

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