The Sorting Begins

With the move fast approaching, it’s time to start packing. I have always found, when I move, that even as “packed” as I think I am on moving day, items come crawling out of the cupboards and from deep within the closet. More often than not, those random rogues end up in a garbage bag, since there are no more boxes left. That bag (or two or three) of junk, gets loaded last, unloaded first, and ends up at the back of some closet or in deep storage (since it’s not labeled) at the new place, not to be seen or heard from until the next move.

This time I am going to do everything in my power to avoid simply herding junk from one home to the next. I intend on sorting my belongings with as much scrutiny as humanly possible. I simply can’t hold onto ALL of Thomas’s outgrown clothes. I haven’t worn HALF of what hangs in my closet in over a year. The bottom drawer of the media dresser is full of CD’s we haven’t listened to since we moved in, over 20 months ago. I hang onto old bills and statements for much longer than is necessary.

For example, I went through our pots and pans on Saturday morning. I reduced our collection by just about half.  Now we will only have the ones we actually use on a consistent basis, and my brother-in-law, who loves to cook, now has more pans to practice his recipes with. Also, looking toward a future with no dishwasher, it will be easier and more necessary to clean up from cooking as soon as I am done, so I can cook again with clean pots. Hence, I will have a cleaner kitchen.

The music department gets a little more complicated. My husband and I love music. We both have ALOT of CD’s and Chris has also taken the time to curate a dynamic LP collection. We also recently started using a ROKU player on our TV by which we can stream Pandora and MOG, the music subscription service.  Since installing that, I admit, I haven’t loaded any new discs into the stereo, and the turntable is quickly collecting dust. Most of what we already own, is readily available on MOG. So the question becomes, how drastic do we downsize our music collection? Cutting down the record collection is sort of out of the question. We both feel that enjoying tunes on vinyl is a special experience. But the CD’s are sort of out of control and all over the place. I guess we’ll keep the ones with sentimental value, the favorites, and get rid of the rest. It would be also nice, space-wise, to get them all into CD storage albums or something.

Well, anyhow, the sorting process has begun and it does feel good to get rid of old things in order to embrace newness.  Notice how I didn’t write “new things“? My goal this time around, is that the empty space created by letting go,will not be cluttered back up by more stuff. Wish me luck with that one.  It goes against my inner pack-rat core, and it may be nearly impossible with a growing baby! I will try though because the soul of this new house epitomizes simplicity, and I intend to glorify that in every way possible.

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