Small is Hip

The current House Beautiful issue.

Well, well, well.  It appears that living within a small footprint, as we have for the last year and a half, and will continue to for at least the next year, is cool.  Trust me, we did not downsize on purpose.  We’re not like the more motivated, more hip people of the tiny house movement. I sometimes wish we could say we planned it, but on both occasions- our current dwelling and the house we move into in less than a month, it just happens to be that they are small.

Don’t mistake my meaning here- I am so happy to be living a simpler, small house life. There are many benefits. It’s a relief not to have space for too many useless belongings. It costs less to live small.  It takes me less time to clean a small house. And, I really get to challenge my organizing talents to keep our stuff at bay.

That’s why, in a world of McMansions and grand vacation homes, I’m glad to see magazines writing about living small, or, like House Beautiful, dedicating their entire issue to it.  This year’s July/August House Beautiful is themed: Living Large in Small Spaces, and last year’s July/August issue was titled Is Small the New Big? Inside there are loads of tips, tricks and ideas for inhabiting a little home. And of course, no sacrifices are made on the design front.

I am really looking forward to keeping things small.  Our new house is only 950 square feet. It’s actually amazing how much extra stuff we have managed to acquire in our current one bedroom apartment.  I can’t wait to start packing to see what I can get rid of with this move. I’ll chronicle my decisions on what to keep and let go of, along the way… 24 days and counting!!!

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