Our New Home

The view from the front door. Isn't it cute?

My birthday wish came true! We found our new home.  It’s artsy, quirky, and in a neighborhood we hadn’t even looked to for housing, but we couldn’t be more thrilled.  The way it all came together was really an act of providence or something. Let’s start with what the house has: 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, an open living, kitchen and dining space, a newly renovated kitchen with loads of heart and soul, the perfect backyard for grilling, raised vegetable beds, a fantastic storage shed, fruit trees and other beautiful trees, a driveway to park in, a deep freezer chest, a washer and dryer, and two wonderfully friendly and talented landlords. It doesn’t have a dishwasher.  In other places we looked at, that was almost a deal breaker. But it didn’t even seem important in our consideration of this house, because everything else just felt right.

Photos from the listing:

Open shelves and slate tiled countertops.
The kitchen is open to the living room.
A salvaged sink reads: Seattle Schools.
The dining area is in the kitchen, keeping things cozy, but still open.
A backyard with lots of great trees and plants and plenty of space for grilling.
This is an older image of the veggie beds, but I am thinking that I will plant pumpkins and squash, my favorite!

Can  you see why we said yes??? Isn’t it marvelous? I didn’t even mention that there is a guest house on the property that was featured in the New York Times last year. Our landlord built it herself! We won’t have access to it, but still, it’s very cool, and adds to the depth of character this unique house has to offer. We are also very excited about moving into a new neighborhood to explore, and have several friends that live just a short drive away. A new adventure for our little family and we can’t wait till August 1st. I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the move and decorating ideas for the house in the meantime, and plenty of photos after we move in!


  1. Hello, dream house! This definitely trumps the other place you wanted — it all worked out and what a bday present!


  2. And every place has something that you thought was a deal breaker and ultimately isn’t. With ours, it was having a washer and dryer in the building. But when we saw it we realized it was worth it.

  3. You are so lucky! What a gem! Looks like something straight out of dwell. Can’t wait for my next visit to Seattle!

  4. Looks amazing and just your style. I love that backyard so homey and the kitchen is amazing. Can you believe like 6 years ago we were at your first WA house together for the inspection. Can’t wait to see you again. Hope it isn’t too far away.

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