Summer Blues

Summer is the best time to bring in a cool color palette to off set the hot days. Blue, and all its shades, is an incredibly versatile hue that can live in harmony with so many other colors. Blue conjurs images of tranquil beaches, relaxing vacations, clear skies, cool swimming pools… The following is by no means, an exhaustive list of blue’s companion colors. Just think about how many combinations there are:

The basic, but classic Indigo Blue and white combo is fresh and vibrant.
Using brown and tan with pale blue can have both calming and dramatic effects.
Just a dash of orange or coral alongside any shade of blue, adds excitement and depth to a room.
The timeless pairing of yellow and blue is cheerful, homey and stylish.
Grass green with royal blue is preppy and sophisticated. Faded sage and ultra pale blue is soothing and comfy.
Red and blue are the quintessential pair for a charming, cozy beach cottage. (Designer Sarah Richardson's summer home.)

All images except last two are from House Beautiful.

Last two are Sarah Richardson Design.

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