Wingy Needs New Look

Don't get too close! This chair's slipcover looks great from a distance, but if you sit in it, you'll come away covered in kitty fur...

I have loved my bargain wing chair from the moment I saw its $17 price tag at St. Vincent de Paul years ago.  I single-handedly put it in the trunk of my car, drove the short distance home, and carried it over the threshold and into my home. I started with a slipcover that i found at Target. It fit loosely, and was quickly abused by my kitties’ claws. The current cover, a chocolate-brown stretch velvet from SureFit, was a Christmas gift from my mom a few years ago.  It has held up really well, but unfortunately, it picks up every single cat hair in the house, and won’t let go.  Even after I attack it with a lint grabber and then wash and dry it, it still looks like it’s covered in a fuzzy halo.

I’d like to think I have the time to make a new, custom slipcover.  I even bought a pattern at JoAnn’s to guide me through the process.  I thought I would use a neutral looking linen/cotton blend. However, the reality of being a mom and trying to sew too, hit me a while back when I made simple pillow covers. It took like 5 days, and the dining room was a disastrous project zone the whole time. I can only imagine how long a foreign sewing project, like making a slipcover, would take me. I know I just haven’t the patience to deal with that this time. So, I have been pursuing the internet in search of just the right slipcover. I think I have found it. SureFit’s Colette in Cocoa. I intend to customize it with a stencil or embroidery for a little added personality.

Isn't this one a cutie?

I like the fact that the skirt is short and the ruffle adds a semi-custom look. I could paint the chair legs white, and monogram the center back of the cover with a K. The color is neutral enough, that it should look just fine with my off white sofa, the rug and my new pillows. Hopefully, since the fiber content is 100% cotton, the cat hair won’t stick as well, and washing it will actually help the hairs shed off the cover, rather than embed them more deeply. I think it will add a fun, flirty sensibility to my living room’s decor.

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