Alluring Parisian Rooms

I love the certain romance that always seems to permeate Parisian interiors. The elegant lines of antique furnishings, the glamour of crystal chandeliers, the drama of an overscaled ornate mirror, and the coziness of worn leather and soft upholstery. This is what I dream of when I visualize Paris apartments. Completely fashion forward, but with an air of antiquity. Here are a few inspiring images I found online.

This bedroom is the definition of cozy and quiet elegance.
The heft of the armoire is downplayed by its weathered pale blue hue. I like the juxtaposition of the heavy pieces with the dainty ironwork and chandelier.
Gorgeous contrast of light and dark elements here. The overscale mirror lends tons of grandeur to an inviting space.

I’m afraid that replicating this aged Parisian look is challenging and can be expensive.  But on the whole here are a few super basic tips: Keep your eye out for antiques over new stuff, peeled paint and patina over glossy and prefect, curves vs. clean lines. Choose a couple of key overscaled pieces, like the armoire and mirror, in the French vernacular. Mix a sparkly chandelier with ancient leather club chairs. Scrolled iron work for the walls adds instant character and architecture. For that hit of drama mix white with black or dark colors with lighter hues. And bookcases.  I feel like bookcases, filled with beloved tomes, small artworks, and assorted memorabilia bring some of these grandiose elements back down to earth.

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