Color of the Week: White

I have been browsing through Holly Becker’s new design book: Decorate, and there is an overwhelmingly consistent aesthetic: white walls with a modern and rustic mix of furnishings.  It’s not my personal favorite, but keeping your walls totally neutral with a warm white hue lets your furnishings really shine.  If you’ve got loads of fantastic art or unique furniture with lots of character or want to highlight your accent colors or let layers of texture take center stage, white walls might just be for you.

One common misperception is that dominantly white interiors are cold and uninviting.  Here’s a few rooms that are the exact opposite. All photos are from House Beautiful.

White dining room by Ellen O'Neill. The red chairs cheerfully stand out.
The use of white by Kim Fiscus in this dining room allows the vintage textures to take over.
This white kitchen by Nancy Borszhardt is anything but unwelcoming. The honed granite countertops ground the space and homey accents invite one to sit and stay.
The natural shades, wood surfaces and rustic stools cozy up this white kitchen designed by Meg Braff.
Jason Bell used coral to warm up this white living space.
I love the pops of color in this space by Christopher Maya: vibrant red chairs, a soft blue rug, shocking black mantle and the barn red bar nook in the corner.

If you decide to go neutral, here are some tried and true shades of white that are always quoted as being used by interior designers:

Benjamin Moore: Decorator White, Linen White and Brilliant White.

If you’ve got all white walls, send me photos of your space and tell me why you love living with white!

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