Sage Advice from Celerie

Full of hefty and useful design wisdom.

I love checking spendy decorating books out at the library first, to try them on for size before buying them. This one was published in 2008, and I don’t know why it took me so darn long to take a look at it! On Friday I checked out To Your Taste by Celerie Kemble, and haven’t stopped pouring over its great photos and sage advice.  It’s so full of brilliant pointers that I did end up purchasing my own copy, so it can have a permanent home in my growing design book collection. There are lots of great decorating books out there, penned by famous and high-profile designers, but I’ve never been able to relate to them as much as this one. Although Mrs. Kemble works for wealthy clients, she writes this for anyone interested in quality, style and creating a good-looking environment that reflects personal style.  I totally appreciate that rooms she has designed don’t have a signature look, as many designer rooms do. You can tell that she has merely cultivated and curated her client’s vision.

She’s organized the book in such an accessible and readable manner too.  I really enjoyed reading the list of textures and materials that she strives to include in each room.  The list could really act as a plan for someone who wanted to create a collected-over-time look in a less than forever time frame. Some of the items on the list just happen to be favorites of mine, but she made me think of them as part of a larger story of layers, textures and overall ambiance.  Grass cloth, velvet, linen, suzani, ikat, mirror, burlap, cotton…  Consider adding a little bit of each of these materials in your space to create a more interesting tale. I can’t wait for my own copy of To Your Taste to arrive so I can start marking it up! It’s going to become a treasured reference for making informed design decisions in the future, I just know it.

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