Creating a Breakfast Nook

While furniture for the breakfast nook in Landon and Kate’s kitchen is certainly not a top priority, it is on the list, and we have discussed some ideas. It’s always good to at least have a notion of what sort of look you want, so if a great deal on a key piece pops up, you can purchase without hesitation.

Landon pointed out a retro looking, aluminum outdoor dining table that he liked the look of. There’s not a thing wrong with using patio furniture inside, but this particular table felt a little too cold and commercial for being in a homey breakfast nook. With that retro vibe in mind, I recommended the Docksta table from IKEA.  This Saarinen inspired piece has actually become sort of classic. Combined with a traditional chair and a textured rug, the table will fit in with the vibe in the rest of the house. I found an image from domino magazine on google, and it inspired me to create this eclectic look.

It's hard to believe its been two years since domino magazine folded. Images of the inspiring rooms they featured can still be found online though.
A bordered sisal rug grounds the seating area. The modern table and traditional chairs will look great against the suzani print curtains.

Docksta Table from IKEA.

Suzani Curtain panels from World Market bring in lots of color and pattern to give the nook visual interest.

The gorgeous Queen Anne chair from Pottery Barn would look smashing in Ming Red along with their Color-Bound Sisal rug in Terra Cotta.

Adding some personal treasures and accessories with age and patina in the existing shelves will round out the area.

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