Easy Art with Wall Decals

The wall decal craze seems to keep up steady popularity. With my mind on moving, I am continually decorating Thomas’ nursery in my mind.  Using a wall decal seems like a smart move for several reasons: lots of impact for little cost, adding color and character when I can’t paint the walls, and their removability makes it easy to move when I’m in the mood to rearrange furniture or change it out entirely when we are bored of the design. There are just tons to choose from out there, and etsy has a great variety of styles in the lower price range.

From WiwiCoco1’s etsy shop:

Wall decal designers really have an obsession with trees. I like this one best for its simplicity, and large color field. Love how these animals are named.

From CherryWalls‘ etsy shop:

Hedgehogs? How stinking cute are these critters. I have to say I do like giraffes and love that these are just solid orange.

From byrdiegraphics’ etsy shop:

I like the playfulness of this tree, and the two color combo is customizable. This giraffe is also a growth chart! Fun!

I’ll wait until we have decided where we are moving, since the wall space will determine the size and shape of decal that will work, but won’t it be fun? Keep in mind that each of these etsy shops has lots and lots of designs, and many color options to choose from, sure to bring charm and cheer to the walls of any room of the house!

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