Small and Sweet

Watson Kennedy is a great shop for finding the perfect gift for a friend, mother-in-law or hostess. It’s also a great place to get inspired.  Their displays are absolute eye candy.  On a recent visit in the shop, I was inspired by the display and art work of Hugo Guinness.  Small lino-cuts of simple objects, figures and animals, all hung in a tight little group, making a big impact.  It gave me an idea for Thomas’ nursery.  We aren’t moving yet, but are sure to in the coming months, and he will finally have a room of his own.  I can’t wait to decorate.

The artwork of Hugo Guinness as shown at Watson Kennedy. All of these photos are from Watson Kennedy's website.
A photo of the display of Hugo Guinness' work found at John Derian.

While I was at WK, I purchased three letter cards, one for each of Thomas’ initials.  I like the fact that they don’t match, and I think I can find some vintage frames to put them in. I want to hang them on the wall in a cluster along with some other prints or photos that I have yet to find. On my hunt, the important common denominator will be scale and patina.  I am looking for frames that show their age and other prints  or artwork that are also small. I might also add a few family photos into the mix.

Each letter card is unique, but I think I can incorporate them into a larger gallery wall for fun and personal nursery artwork. Thomas Roy Kornelis. Why is the last initial supposed to be in the middle for monograms?

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