Plans for the Master Bedroom

At the moment, Landon and Kate’s master bedroom is almost as blue as a blueberry.  Well, okay, it’s not that blue, but it’s a pretty intense color for a small bedroom.  So, I’ve got ideas to lighten it up, disguise their wall of closets, and make the most of the space they have.  Below is a rough drawing of the floor plan. The ultimate goal here is to maximize space and make the room feel like cozy, calming respite to invoke the blissful feeling of a totally relaxing vacation.

Landon and Kate's modest master bedroom. Homes of this era always have small bedrooms, as it was well before the dawn of enormous master suites!
My master plan for the master bedroom! Big ideas for a small room.

I’ll go in order of the numbered “zones”, but let me preface by mentioning that we are going to forgo painting in this room and opt for grasscloth wallpaper. I thought this would be a great way to add some texture and interest to a pretty humble room, as well as reinforce that vacation vibe.  This doesn’t mean we’ll be decorating it like a tropical resort, but we will introduce subtle color and pattern with earthy qualities, and a tiny bit of sparkle to add a measure of sophistication.

#1 and #2 The Closet: Move the dresser into the closet and add curtains.

This is a very generous closet for such a small room. In fact, it eats up an entire wall, and dominates the space. The huge sliding doors actually make it difficult to see everything inside, blocking off areas that need to be accessed. How can we disguise it, plus make it easier to access everything in the closet? I proposed taking the doors off their tracks, and  hanging off-white curtain panels from floor to ceiling, across the full width of the wall. It will be so much easier for Kate and Landon to get at what they need, plus, add a breezy softness to the room.

#3 The Window: Curtains.

In order to keep the vibe simple and restful, I suggest hanging the same off white curtain panel. We’ll just hand a single panel that can be pulled over the window for privacy but be easily swagged over to one side to let the sunshine in. There is already a perfectly good white wood blind in place, so it will remain.

#4 Lighting: Add wall sconces.

Right now, Landon and Kate have two mismatched table lamps on top of their small bedside stands. Not only do the lamps take up space where a water glass or book could go, but they do not provide enough light, nor are they at the right height for reading in bed. Removing them and installing wall sconces will solve both problems, plus lend a sense of symmetry to the head of the bed.

#5. Dressing area: Remove dresser and add a floor length mirror.

The dresser is clogging up the only area where the couple can change clothes and primp.  I think moving it into the closet will allow room for a large dressing mirror and a little chair or stool. I’ve got an antique piano stool in my mind, given the lovebirds musical talents. An oversized, beveled mirror would add that element of sparkle I was referring to earlier. We’ll also search for a runner for softness underfoot and another way to introduce either color or texture.

#6. The walls: Hang grasscloth wallpaper.

An image of grasscloth in the bedroom, found on google. A sample of grasscloth wallpaper. It comes in a myriad of colors and textures.

Instead of painting, hanging grasscloth will add tons of texture and character. Since this is a total DIY makeover, I can imagine how daunting the idea of hanging wallpaper is, but I think we can accomplish it together! I’ve done it before, but grasscloth is a little different, since it is not pre-pasted.  Although, there are probably some great looking synthetic imitations that are. We’ll just have to see what we can find.

#7 The bed: Find new bedding.

We’ll be on the hunt for a way to bring soft color into the space – bedding that won’t compete with the walls, but actually complement the textural element. I think we want to keep this simple though, no loud patterns or colors.

Some rough examples of accessories for the master bedroom. Bedding from Pottery Barn, mirror from Ballard Designs, and wall sconce from IKEA.

Well, that just about does it.  I am really looking forward to seeing how the room takes shape. Stop in for updates!


  1. I love your vision for this, Betsy! This seems like such a smart way to maximize the space. Be sure to take lots of before and after shots!

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