Pillows Done! (Well, Almost…)

Picking the fabrics for new pillow covers for the living room really proved to be quite the challenge.  First I showed you all a couple of combos from fabric I found online, but I wasn’t convinced that either of those groupings were right. Then I discovered Kathryn M. Ireland’s Mexico Meets Morocco line and I fell head over heels. I couldn’t stop visualizing them covering the pillows, ottoman and wing chair in my living room. I sort of became obsessed, and it seemed that nothing else I found would ever compare. Ultimately, I had to come back down from the atmosphere and realize that I just couldn’t swing the cost of the designer’s textiles and come up with a creative alternative.

The Mexico Meets Morocco collection by Kathryn M. Ireland. I would have LOVED to use.

The collection of fabrics I pulled together that now cover the pillows in my living room:

An assortment of prints, all from JoAnn's. They all carry a similar bright, global feel.

In last Friday’s post, I told you about how I didn’t purchase enough of the teal cotton linen and made coasters out if it instead. With the others I was able to cover three of the four pillows that I needed to.  I am still on the hunt for the print that will totally pull the other three together. Here is how they look in place now.

The two larger pillows have a different fabric on the back so as to be more versatile. The batik pillow adds a summery, graphic jolt.

The covers turned out great, but I do feel that something is missing.  I’m on the prowl now for the perfect print: either large or medium in scale, with some warmth to it, like the apricot in the rug, to balance out all of the cool blues. Maybe an ikat or a suzani? I’ll keep you updated!

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