The Living Space

As I said yesterday, Kate has been working hard at the house.  She finished painting the large living and dining room in one day!  The result is a fresh but inviting neutral that welcomes you inside, and keeps the room feeling really light and bright. Compared to the previous dark brown-cave aesthetic, this is a major improvement.  The space feels so much more alive and happy, just like the sweet homeowners.

The sofa, chair and bookcase contrast pleasantly with the pale walls.

We are still working on the design aspects of the room including furniture placement, accent colors, accessories and artwork. The dark brown leather sofa may be replaced at some point, but it is a very nice piece in its own right. Having the bookcase in this end of the room helps to balance out all of the wood peices in the dining room. We’ll try to bring in more green, yellow and red to this seating area to keep all of the spaces connected.

There are lots of warm wood tones in the dining room and it all works well with the paint color.

The dining room area has mostly antique furniture, and so I suggested that Landon and Kate lend a contemporary edge by adding the rug that was intended for the living area. We could also add a contemporary mirror and replace the light fixture with something a little more current as well. The rug they found for the living room is modern, but has more of a flowing and organic quality, which helps to lighten the heavy furniture. I have been compiling ideas of new things that might perk up the decor a little:

A mix of some new and more contemporary furnishings and accessories to add great style to Landon and Kate's abode.

Pillow covers from Etsy: Suzani Lumbar from Cottage Cupboard and Green and White from Chloe and Olive.

Buchanan Sofa from Pottery Barn in Slubby Canvas in Camel.

Carina Mirror and Lourdes chandelier from Ballard Designs.

These are just loose ideas at this point, but we will be working on injecting even more life and personality into their charming home over the next few weeks. Hooray for progress and a job well done so far though!

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