Butter in the Kitchen

Landon and Kate have made great headway on cozying up their home and making it their own. With Kate home from her demanding job for a rare two weeks, she finished the priming and painting of the living/dining room and the kitchen.  That is HUGE! The colors that were chosen look fantastic. A nice neutral but warm beige in the main living space and a deliciously soft, butter yellow for the kitchen.

This is the lighter of the two yellow hues that we picked for the kitchen. I'm glad that Landon and Kate went with the lighter version, because as you can see, it's still plenty strong once up on the walls!

The perfect shade of yellow can be tough to call, but I think we pretty much nailed this one. It is a tad softer than it looks in the photos, and once we have some more accessories, furniture and a rug to ground it, the color will really settle into the space.  Kate mentioned wanted to bring in a dash of red, (and just a little of it will go a long way), along with some green for accents.  We talked about using a Dash and Albert woven cotton rug, because of their durability, cleanabilty and fabulous color options. Here are a few that might work.

There are at least five great rug options from Dash and Albert that combine yellow, green and red to a pleasing effect. Any of them would add cottage charm and lots of color to the kitchen.

Kate and Landon have not really decided what to do with the kitchen’s nook area. The obvious choice of a small table and chairs would always work, but it could also function as an office space or reading nook if a couple of wing chairs and an ottoman were brought in.  A second rug  and a pair of curtain panels would help to cozy up that corner too. I’ll keep you updated on the progress! Stop by tomorrow to see how the living and dining area looks with it’s new paint color!

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