Linen Cocktail Coasters

When I bought the fabric to make pillow covers for the living room, I wasn’t thinking clearly and didn’t purchase enough of one of the fabrics. Really, I’m glad that it worked out that way because once I had the fabric home, it was just too dark and intense. It’s a great washable cotton/linen blend though, and I knew there was something crafty I could do with it. I contemplated covering a lampshade. I thought about using it as a mat inside a picture frame.  Ultimately, I decided that it would make great coasters. Because the fabric is also washable, they can double as cocktail napkins.

I had actually been on the prowl for fabric coasters because I hate the way most coasters stick to a sweating cocktail glass, so this ended up being a great solution. The piece fabric was just wide enough, and plenty long enough to simply cut in half and make squares. I measured other coasters I had in the house, and decided that a 5″ square was the perfect size. One of the things that I loved about the cotton linen was how the edges frayed after I washed it in cold water. I thought embracing that quality would make my project all the more simple, plus add texture. I may end up embellishing them a bit more with top-stitching or iron-on letters or fabric appliques, but they turned out just fine for now.

The beautiful softly frayed edges of the cotton linen fabric I had intended to use for pillows.
It's nice to have a set of matching coasters, but a mix of pretty fabrics would be fun too!

These can be made with almost any fabric remnant, just be sure its washable, since you can assume they will be getting wet! Here’s the super easy how to:

1. Cut double the amount of 5″ squares as the number of coaster you want to end up with.

2. Pin each pair of squares together with a single pin in the center.

3. Sew around all of the edges leaving about a 1/4″ seam allowance.

4. Fray the edges by pulling on loose threads in the fabric, and you’re done!

(Rather have finished edges? Just cut your squares 6″ and iron under a half-inch around all sides before sewing together. )

This is an easy and practical project that could be interpreted any number of ways. I think they would also make for a great hostess gift or birthday present for a creative friend!

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