Planning a Chair Makeover

The desk chair that I got at the Flea Market Chics needs a little love.  The finish is scratched and cracked in places and while the original upholstery is in great shape for the chair’s age, it doesn’t quite fit my decor.

The desk chair. Basie just had to join in the photo shoot. She is such a media darling!

I’ve been doing some research online, and I’ve found some fabrics that I think might work with what I’ve already got going on in the living room.  It seems that the Ikat trend is not disappearing and I have long admired the fabric’s hand loomed look.  I think I’m finally ready to go for it.  Here are a few that I found on Ebay.

Some of the ikat pieces I have found are hand-made Uzbek or Indian, and others are designer prints.

There are lots of variations on the Ikat design, and in lots of price ranges. From vintage to reproduction, this style of fabric comes in endless color combinations. For  my project I don’t need that large a piece, but I need at least 25″ in width.  I’ll pick the paint for the chair after I have settled on a fabric.  I’m not thinking I’ll do anything too wild though, and in the meantime, I might just strip the chair to see what tone the bare wood is. I’ll keep you posted on what develops!

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